CUSTOMIZABLE. With these outdoor string lights you will never need to take down or put up lights again! Great for Christmas, Halloween, Easter, 4th of July, Diwali, Game Day and any other occasion. One set for all. Just use your phone and change the colors! Better yet, tell Alexa to do it! Your neighbors will be impressed and wonder why they didn’t think of that! Want regular white patio party lights? That’s covered too! Brightness and tone is fully adjustable

SAFE – Use these hanging lights both indoor or outdoor. Rated at 120v-in but only 12v-out these lights are safe to use anywhere. Use for outdoor patio decor and be the life of the party, camping lights, bedroom decor, home decor. Kids (and you) will love playing with these anywhere, and they are safe! To make it even more fun and convenient add in voice control with Alexa or Google Assistant and control almost every function by voice wherever you are.

GET SMART WITH YOUR LIGHTS. Your phone is the remote control. The phone app (Smart Life) allows you to choose from millions of colors. Popular colors can be chosen with “scenes” like “Christmas” which will automatically change your lights to outdoor Christmas lights (red and green). Select “America” to change to red white and blue or choose ANY 2 colors you wish. Make your lights Halloween outdoor lights or pick your favorite team colors! Make your home or party fabulous!

DURABLE AND LONG LASTING. These outdoor LED Lights are designed to last for 25,000 hours and 22 years. The polycarbonate plastic edison smart light bulbs are designed to withstand rough impact. The LED lighting is low voltage so simply lasts longer and is better for your wallet. These string lights are IP65 rated so can withstand drenching rains and freezing nights no problem! At 18AWG copper these strands are designed to last a very long time with no problems.

EXPANDABLE AND LINKABLE to cover your landscape lighting needs. Link up to 2 sets on one controller (98ft X 2) to make your party lights really stand out. Additional controllers can be added and controlled separately or together using “Group Control” giving you unlimited growth.

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