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Smart Outdoor String Lights

Adding DazzBling smart Wi-Fi outdoor string lights to any outside area of a home gives it an instant decorative effect. Turn an outdoor space into another living area. Any Color, Any Time. Change the color, not the lights!

49 FT Smart Outdoor String Lights

49FT Smart outdoor string lights

98FT smart string lights

98FT Smart outdoor string lights

DazzBling Product Features

Change the color, not the light


Weather Protection

Control At The Tip Of Your Fingers

Frequently Asked Questions

Each Wi-Fi controller can connect up to 4 sets of 49ft strings. Multiple sets can be set up across your landscape and can be controlled via a single command by using the “groups” feature in the Smart Life App. This allows you to control an unlimited amount of string lights.
Each placement will be unique, however these are heavy duty lights made from 20 gauge copper wire, which can withstand quite a bit. Each bulb has a keyhole for hanging via nail, screw or hook. For suspending over open air venues such as patios and backyards its recommended you use cables. Complete hanging kits can be purchased to make hanging easier.
YES! We designed these lights to withstand the harshest of climates. Each bulb is IP64 rated to withstand rain, snow and ice and stay waterproof. The high cable strength and durability of the 20 gauge wiring is designed to withstand the harshest winds.
If you already have a smart device such as Alexa Echo Show you simply need a 2.4Ghz WiFi connection and follow the setup video or manual provided with the lights. Most customers are able to get their lights up and connected in 5-10 minutes.
Yes! You can simply use the single button on the WiFi controller to scroll through the top 4 scenes. The lights have a memory which keeps a few of your last used scenes ready for you. For full control and options you will need to use a mobile device.
The length from the plug to the first bulb is about 4ft. The length between bulbs is around 34 inches. We also sell extensions for hanging scenarios where you would want additional length at the front or end of the strings.

My first thought when I opened these lights were that they were actually more heavy duty than I expected! They will definitely survive a long duration outdoors with the thick cord they have! They also have hard plastic bulbs vs glass which I love since I don’t have to worry about them accidentally breaking! You can download the app to control colors as well as the different color changing functions. OR you can push the button on the actual cord itself to change to one of the preset options (see video)! These lights are exactly what I was looking for and I am very happy with my purchase!!!

Paul Orlando

We've been searching for a quality, great priced set of outdoor patio string lights for our new patio gazebo/furniture for a while now. I wanted something heavy duty AND that was voice controllable via Smart Apps. These lights fit the bill and exceeded our expectations. You can just feel the quality in the construction while mounting them. And the setup was.. practically non-existent. They worked with our current TUYA/SMARTLIFE app with two clicks, which also means ONE program for everything. We were surprised at the amount of illumination from all the BEAUTIFUL colors. Dreamy... HIGHLY recommend these.

Christine Jefferson

These lights are very well built and beautiful. The cords are very thick and durable. The lights are very solid. The Smart Life app is easy to use, although a bit tedious to set up if you don’t pay attention to the directions. Just follow the instructions and it actually works quite well. The app itself is nice and gives many options for the lighting. A very nice feature is the ability to control the brightness. I absolutely love these lights and expect them to last a lifetime.

Camilo El Paso